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 +====== Draw ======
 +**Outlines the current selection using the current foreground color and line width.**
 +Outlines the current selection using the current foreground color and line width.
 +When the dropper tool is selected, a click on the image changes the foreground color, while Alt-click changes the background color.
 +Colors can be "​picked up" from the **Image>​Color>​Color Picker** window using any tool. The dropper tool icon in the tool bar is drawn in the foreground color and the frame around it is drawn in the background color.
 +The foreground and background colors can also be set with the **Edit>​Options>​Colors...** command.
 +Use the **Edit>​Options>​Line Width** command, or double-click on the freehand line tool, to change the line width.
 +Note: If the line width is an even number, the selection boundary is at the center of the line. If the line width is odd (1, 3, ...), the center of the line drawn is displaced from the selection edge by 1/2 pixel to the bottom right. Thus the line center (the line in case of line width = 1) is inside the selection at the top and left borders, but outside at the bottom and right borders.
 +Rectangular selections (but not polygonal selections or traced selections that happen to be rectangular) are an exception to this rule: For rectangular selections, one-pixel wide outlines are always drawn inside the rectangle. Thicker lines are drawn as for the other selection types.
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