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Conversions between RGB color space and Lab color space


This plugin allow conversion between RGB color space (8 bits per pixel chanel) and Lab color space (32 bits [float] per pixel channel )

Converting RGB to Lab

It convert a RGB image to a new image-stack containing 3 slices L,a,b.

In the ImageJ menu, choose “Plugin / Image / Color / Convert RGB image to Lab color stack v1.00”

Converting Lab to RGB

Convert a Lab stack image to a new RGB image.

In the ImageJ plugin, choose “Plugin / Image / Color / Convert Lab stack to RGB image v1.00”

Lab space

From luminance 0 → black to luminance 100 → white

Espace Lab (summary)

Plugin download

Plugin installation

Copy the .jar file to your plugins directory and restart “ImageJ”.

You can use the script by menu :

  • “ImageJ / Plugins / Image / Color / Convert Lab stack to RGB image”
  • “ImageJ / Plugins / Image/ Color / Convert RGB image to Lab color stack”

Source files


Vincent Vansuyt.

Contact me for any questions or suggestions : vincent dot vansuyt at edf dot fr (preferred language : french)


GPL distribution (see licence ).


First version

Know bugs


See also

In Lab color space, you can use these filter plugins before converting again to RGB color space :

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