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 +====== Cannot drop files into the ImageJ window in KDE 4.x ======
 +The new KDE 4.x window manager has changed the way the Desktop is managed.
 +A widget called **folder-view** shows the contents of the ~/Desktop folder on the physical desktop (i.e. on screen).
 +However this prevents //drag and dropping// files in the ImageJ window. The problem is that the string pointing to the file is not the directory name itself, but handled as a kio slave called **desktop:​** (note the colon).
 +The solution to this is to change the settings of the folder-view widget:
 +  - Right click on the folder-view
 +  - Select "​Folder View Settings"​
 +  - Select "Show a custom folder"​
 +  - Navigate to the location of your Desktop folder (i.e. /​home/​user_name/​Desktop )
 +You now can drag and drop files from the Desktop shown on the screen.
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