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FAQ: How to find the code behind a given menu command?

You can look in the IJ_Props.txt file the exact plugin called by a given menu command.

For example for the 'Make Binary' menu entry, the IJ_Props.txt file reads

binary01="Make Binary",ij.plugin.Thresholder

You'll find a copy of the IJ_Props.txt file in your ij.jar file or at

Then visit the source code page at

and go to the correct class, in our example the ij.plugin.Thresholder class.

Another option to discover which class is called by a given menu item, is to enable the debug mode by checking the 'debug mode' checkbox under Edit/Options/Misc… dialog, run the investigated function from the menus and read the log output.

For our example, the debug log reads :

actionPerformed: time=1228576256194, java.awt.event.ActionEvent[ACTION_PERFORMED,
cmd=Make Binary,when=1228576256194,modifiers=] on menuitem1
runPlugin: ij.plugin.Thresholder 

"Fiji" case

With “Fiji” ImageJ version, the IJ_Props.txt file don't contain all menu descriptions.

For example, the menu “Analyze / Directionality” isn't in “IJ_Props.txt” file and the “Debug mode” solution log :

actionPerformed: time=12512156, java.awt.event.ActionEvent[ACTION_PERFORMED,
cmd=Directionality,when=1339586662984,modifiers=] on menuitem0
runPlugin: fiji.analyze.directionality.Directionality_  

This plugin is stored in the following file : “\plugins\Directionality_.jar”

You can see the link between the plugin and the menu in the text file “\plugins\Directionality_.jar\plugins.config” :

# Directionality, builder Jean-Yves Tinevez   
Analyze, "Directionality", fiji.analyze.directionality.Directionality_
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