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Surface Plot...

Displays a three-dimensional graph of the intensities of pixels in a grayscale or pseudo color image.

Creates a stack of plots when the source is a stack. Some plots can be improved by adjusting the contrast of the source image or smoothing it. When plotting a stack, closing the plot stack window will abort the plotting process.

Surface Plot example

Change the Polygon Multiplier to adjust the number of profiles used to generate the plot.

Check Draw Wireframe to have the outline each profile drawn in black.

Check Shade to generate a shaded plot. The plot will be in color if the source image uses a color LUT.

Check Draw Axis to have the three axis drawn and labeled.

If Source Background is Lighter is checked, lighter areas in the source image represent lower elevations (valleys) while darker areas in the source image represent higher elevations (peaks).

If Fill Plot Background with Black is checked, the plot is drawn with a black background.

Check One Polygon Per Line to force drawing all polygons.

Check Smooth to reduce the high frequency fluctiations of the plot.

The 3D Surface Plot plugin [insert link here] also generates surface plots. It works with all image types and you can interactively adjust viewing angle, perspective, scale, lighting and smoothing.

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