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This submenu contains commands that rotate the active image or stack.

Flip Vertical

Turns the image or selection upside down.

Flip Horizontal

Replaces the image or selection with a mirror image of the original.

Rotate 90 Degrees Right

Rotates the entire image or stack clockwise 90 degrees.

Rotate 90 Degrees Left

Rotates the entire image or stack counter-clockwise 90 degrees.


Use this dialog to rotate the active image or selection clockwise the specified number of degrees.
Set Grid Lines to a value greater than zero to superimpose a grid on the image in Preview mode. Check Interpolate to use bilinear interpolation.

With 8-bit and RGB images, check Fill with Background Color to fill with the background color instead of zero.

Double click on the eye dropper tool to set or view the background color. Check Enlarge to Fit Result and the image will be enlarged as needed to avoid clipping.

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