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Opens a dialog to create a new text file macro, text file, or a plugin of one of the three types of supported by ImageJ (Plugin, Plugin Filter, Plugin Frame).

Macro: opens an new text file. The window a menu called Macros that lets you run, evaluate, abort or install it.

Plugin: Opens, captures or generates images. Implements the PlugIn interface. The prototype displays “Hello world!” in the ImageJ window. Another example is the Step Maker plugin at

Plugin Filter: Processes the active image. Implements the PlugInFilter interface. The prototype inverts the active image twice. Another example is the Image Inverter plugin at

Plugin Frame: Displays a nonimage window containing controls such as buttons and sliders. Extends the PlugInFrame class. The prototype opens a window containing a text area. Another example is the IP Demo plugin at

The text windows created by this command has two menus: File, Edit and Font. Use Compile and Run in the File menu to compile and run the plugin. The Edit menu does not contain Cut/Copy/Paste but the keyboard shortcuts for these function can be used. Note that the name you choose for the plugin must include at least one underscore.

Use Zap Gremlins to find and delete extraneous non-code characters (these sometimes appear when cutting and pasting from another sources, for example email messages or some editors.

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