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This submenu contains commands for creating keyboard shortcuts and for installing and removing plugins.

Create Shortcut...

Assigns a keyboard shortcut to an ImageJ menu command and lists the shortcut in the Shortcuts submenu.

Create Shortcut dialog

Select the command from the popup menu and enter the shortcut in the text field. A shortcut can be a lower or uppercase letter or “F1” through “F12”. Use Plugins>Utilities>List Shortcuts to get a list of shortcuts that are already being used.

Install Plugin...

Installs a plugin in a user-specified submenu. Plugins with a showAbout() method are also
automatically added to the Help>About Plugins submenu.

Install Plugin dialog

Use the first popup menu to select the plugin and the second to select the submenu it is to installed in. The Command must be different from any existing ImageJ command. Shortcut (optional) must be a single letter or “F1” through “F12”. Argument (optional) is the string that will passed to the plugin's run method.


Removes commands added to the Shortcuts submenu by Create Shortcuts. Also removes commands added by Install Plugin and removes plugins installed in the Plugins menu. The menus are not updated until ImageJ is restarted.

Plugins/Remove dialog

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