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How to use the macro editor debug mode

David William Webster posted the following to the ImageJ mailing list.

For those who haven’t tried to use the macro debug mode that is part of the imageJ text editor, here are brief descriptions of each option.

Debug – Enters debug mode and opens a debug record window. The window initially displays the memory usage, number of open images and the active image’s title. The debugger is set to the first executable line of code. You must be in debug mode for any of the following to work

Step – Steps through each line of code sequentially and displays the variable names and values.

Trace - Runs the macro and displays variable names and values as they are encountered.

Fast Trace - Same as above, but faster.

Run - Runs the macro the same as Macros/Run Macro command.

Run to Insertion Point - Runs macro to a point defined by left clicking the mouse on a specific executable line of code.

Abort - Exits debug mode.

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