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Alt Key Modifications

Hold down the Alt key to alter the behavior of the following commands and tools as indicated.

: Open text files in non-editable Text window
File>Open Next
: Open Previous

File>Revert: Don't show dialog
Edit>Copy: Copy to system clipboard
Edit>Draw: Draw and label
Image>Adjust>Threshold: Adjusting Min also adjusts Max
Image>Color>RGB Split: Keep original image
Image>Stacks>Add Slice: Insert before current slice
Image>Stacks>Next Slice: Skip nine slices
Image>Stacks>Previous Slice: Skip nine slices
Image>Duplicate: Don't show dialog
Process>Equalize: Do classic histogram equalization
Process>Subtract Background: Show background image
Analyze>Histogram: Show dialog
Analyze>Plot Profile: For rectangular selections, generate row average plot
Analyze>Plot Profile: For wide straight lines, display rotated contents
Analyze>Gels>Select First Lane: Assume lanes are horizontal
Analyze>Tools>Analyze Line Graph: Show intermediate image
Analyze>Tools>Roi Manager (“Add”): Name and add selection
Plugins>Utilities>ImageJ Properties: List all Java properties
Plugins>Utilities>Monitor Memory: Simulate 640×480 frame grabber
Plugins>Compile and Run: Display dialog
Zoom (“+” key): Set view to 100%
Any User Plugin
: Load using new class loader

Area selection tool: Subtract this selection from the previous one
Polygon selection tool: Alt-click on a node to delete it
Segmented line selection tool: Alt-click on a node to delete it
Point selection tool: Alt-click on a point to delete it
Color picker tool: Alt-click to “pick up” background color
All tools: Show location and size in pixels

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