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Built-in Shortcuts

A list of the default shortcuts in ImageJ

Command Shortcut Description
New>Image N Create new image or stack
New>Text Window Shift-N Create new text window
New>System Clipboard Shift-V Create image from system clipboard
Open Next Shift-O Open next image in folder
Open Samples Shift-B Opens “Blobs” example image
Close W Close the active window
Save S Save active image in Tiff format
Revert R Revert to saved version of image
Print P Print active image
Undo Z Reverse the effect of the last operation
Cut X Copy selection to internal clipboard and clear
Crops an image based on a selection
Copy C Copy selection to internal clipboard
Paste V Paste contents of internal clipboard
Clear Backspace
Erase selection to background color
Fill F Fill selection in foreground color
Draw D Draw selection
Invert Shift-I Invert image or selection
Selection>Select All A Select entire image
Selection>Select None Shift-A Delete selection
Selection>Restore Shift-E Restore previous selection
Selection>Add to Manager
Adds the selection to the ROI Manager
Adjust>Contrast Shift-C Adjust brightness and contrast
Adjust>Threshold Shift-T Adjust threshold levels
Show Info I Display information about active image
Properties Shift-P Display image properties
Color>Color Picker Shift-K Open Color Picker
Stacks>Next Slice > Advance to next stack slice
Stacks>Previous Slice < Backup up to previous stack slice
Stacks>Reslice / Reslice stack
Stacks>Animation \ Start/stop stack animation
Duplicate Shift-D Duplicate active image or selection
Scale E Scale image or selection
Zoom>In + Make active image larger
Zoom>Out - Make active image smaller
Zoom>View 100%
Alt +
Set zoom to 100%
Smooth Shift-S 3×3 unweighted smoothing
Find Edges Shift-F Perform Sobel edge detection
Repeat Command Shift-R Repeat previous command
Measure M Display statistics about active image or selection
Histogram H Display histogram of active image or selection
Plot Profile K Display density profile plot of current selection
Macros>Install Shift-M Install a macro set
Utilities>Capture Screen Shift-G Grab screenshot
Window>Show All
Bring all “ImageJ” windows to front
Put Behind tab Switch to next image window
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