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Distribution Plotter

Plots relative and cumulative frequencies on a double Y-axis graph of a measured parameter.


  • Part of BAR
  • Retrives relative and cumulative frequencies
  • Fits a Normal distribution to the histogram of relative frequencies
  • Offers several methods to automatically determine the number of bins: Square root (used by e.g., M. Excel), Sturges', Scott's (used by Analyze>Distribution…) and Freedman–Diaconis'
  • Further details here

Distribution Plotter Screenshot


ImageJ 1.48q or later. Use Help>Update ImageJ… to upgrade to a newer version.


  1. Subscribe to the BAR update site in Fiji. Alternatively, download the latest version of Distribution Plotter from GitHub (direct link).
  2. Place the file in the ImageJ/plugins/ or folder (or subfolder).
  3. The command Distribution Plotter will be listed in the Plugins> menu after running Help>Refresh Menus.


  • On imported tables: ImageJ typically pads columns with different number of rows with 0. Such data points can be ignored by checking the Ignore zeros checkbox
  • NaN (Not a Number) entries are ignored
  • Distribution tables can be accessed through the List, Save… and Copy… buttons of the plot window: X0: Bin start, Y0: Relative frequencies; X1: Values, Y1: Cumulative frequencies

Keywords: Analyze particles, Distribution, Histogram, Frequencies, Descriptive Statistics, BAR

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