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//Plot tracking data from a results table zeroed
//The required format is as generated by the Manual Tracking plugin 
//assuming Results table column headings: Track > Slice > X > Y

//some variables
Track = 0;
result = 1;

//Plot the graph
Plot.create("Scatter Plot", "X", "Y");
//You may want to determine your own limits in some way here
Plot.setLimits(-250, 250, -250, 250);

//Get number of tracks
for (a=0; a<nResults(); a++) {
    if (getResult("Track",a)>Track)
     Track = getResult("Track",a);

//Work though the data a track at a time
for (b=1; b<(Track+1); b++)

        x = newArray();
        y = newArray();

//get first x and y value
x_0 = getResult("X", result);
y_0 = getResult("Y", result);
   for (i=result; i<nResults; i++){  
   	if (getResult("Track",i)==b) {
            x1 = (getResult("X", i)) - x_0;
            x = Array.concat(x, x1);   
            y1 = (getResult("Y", i)) - y_0;          
            y = Array.concat(y, y1);

//Plot each track       
        Plot.add("crosses", x, y);
        Plot.add("lines", x, y);
//Richard Mort 26/01/2013
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