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This plugin draws 3D Mandelbrot fractals stacks.




2D Mandelbrot sets are (x+iy) points of plane where the iteration Zp+1=Zp2+(x+iy) converges.

In the case of 3D, Daniel White uses the idea to create a pseudo-product using spherical coordinates:

<x,y,z>n = rn <cos(nθ)cos(nφ),sin(nθ)cos(nφ),sin(nφ)>

r=√(x²+y²+z²) θ=atan(y/x) φ=asin(z/r)

The iteration [ Zp+1=Zpn + <x,y,z> ] converges inside a 3D fractal area.

Paul Nylander makes experiments with exponants higher than 2. The best result is obtained with exponant 8 and is named



The Mandel_3D plugin contains two java class files.

  • Download it
  • Copy the files Mandel_3D.class and bulbe.class to your ImageJ plugins folder or subfolder (please observe the uppercase characters in the class name)
  • Restart ImageJ or go to Help>Update Menus
  • The plugin can be accessed through the ImageJ plugins menu as /plugin/Folder/Mandel_3D. This plugin needs any input 8-bytes image to run (File/new image).

3D rendering is assumed using VolumeJ IMAGEJ plugin:



This is an example of a 500X500X500 stack, with an 8-exponent and 25 iterations. 3D Rendering is the following:

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