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Plugin to design complexe three dimensional structures and to build phantom banks.


PhantomaJ is a software which aims to help users designing complexe three dimensional structures and building phantom banks. This software, implemented as an ImageJ plug-in, has been designed to be intuitive. PhantomaJ is thus “ready to use” for most users, but advanced users can choose to modify specific parameters such as intersection mode, intensity decrease function or virtual real three dimension. In addition, adding a new “basic form” consiste for advanced users to write two short java file ( one describing the new form geometry and the other transcripting this geometry in java3D world ). PhantomaJ is the indispensable tool for who want to create phantom bank of simply an unique complexe structure very easily.


  1. Download and Install ImageJ.
  2. Install java3D if not already installed:
  3. *download java3D binary from the Java3D homepage.
  4. *install, this should create a java3D directory.
  5. *for windows, copy the dll files from the java3D/1.5.x/bin to the bin directory of the jre used by ImageJ.
  6. *for windows, copy the jar files from the java3D/1.5.x/lib/ext to the lib/ext directory of the jre used by ImageJ.
  7. Place it in the plugin directory of ImageJ folder.

Additional information

For more information about using PhantomaJ, a manual is available here. Additional information about the developers and other software is disponible here.

Contact Information

tomoj at curie dot fr

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