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Sort contact

Plugin to create a resistive layer between 2 materials in order to compute effective transport properties.


Transport properties (conduction, permeability, …) can be computed on tomography images using various softwares. For heat conduction for example, each voxel is assigned an intrinsic conductivity and the effective conductivity is computed by solving the heat equation on the system.

In some cases, a resistance on the transport can appear at an interface between 2 materials. For example, in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC), a cathode is made with 2 types of conductors: an electronic conductor which brings electrons to a reaction site, and an ionic conductor which brings ions from the reaction site to an electrolyte. At the reaction site, an electrochemical reaction occurs between a gas (oxygene for exemple) and electrons to form an ion. This reaction induces a resistance in the transport of species due to the charge transfer.

The plugin Sort Contact locate the reaction sites and replace the contact between 2 types of material by a resistive layer. The value of the resistance of this layer depends on the size of contact.


  1. Download and Install ImageJ.
  2. Place them in the plugin directory of ImageJ folder.
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