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Align 4

Image aligning plugin.


This plugin allows manual alignment (movements in the x and y directions) up to 4 images.


G. Landini at bham. ac. uk


Supports transparency of the active image so it can be aligned with the image data underneath.

Selection of fiducial points can be done with the mouse (an origin and a target as a Line Selction) for easy alignment. First select the Line Selection. Click on a landmark in the active image (i.e. the image selected with the radio buttons). The landmark point is the first point of the line selection, then select the target point (second or end point of the line selection) and press the Fiducial button. The active image should be positioned according to the line selection.


The plugin may be useful to build mosaics of smaller images. It loads 4 images in the order:

image[1] image[2]
image[3] image[4]

The images can be moved in x and y directorions using control buttons.


Copy the plugin in the Plugins folder or a folder below.


The class file and source code can be found here:




1.0 12/Aug/2004 prototype 1.1 24/Jun/2005 corrected window closing 1.2 ??? some bug fix? I can't remember 1.3 21/Sep/2006 added transparency, stamps in correct order, correct BW switch, fiducial point alignment

Known Bugs

None so far

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