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Sholl Analysis

Quantitative Sholl analysis of untraced neuronal arbors.
 Authors: Tiago Ferreira and Tom Maddock
Keywords: Sholl profile, Neuronal morphometry, Neuronal arbor, Dendrite, Axon, Polynomial regression

This page has moved to the Fiji website. The new address is

The plugin is now bundled in Fiji. If you are not using Fiji, download Sholl_Analysis.jar from the plugin's page and place it in the ImageJ/plugins/ directory. Alternatively, drag the jar file from your file manager, drop it on the main ImageJ window and follow subsequent instructions.

Restart ImageJ and there will be a new Analyze▷Sholl Analysis… command. The plugin's built-in help will redirect you to the new webpage.

Please note that Fiji is the most convenient way of keeping your ImageJ distribution up-to-date. Without access to Fiji's built-in updater, you are strongly advised to upgrade ImageJ to its latest version using Help▷Update ImageJ…

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