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Intravoxel Incoherent Motion IVIM and ADC

Intravoxel Incoherent Motion IVIM and Apparent Diffusion Coefficient ADC


  1. This plugin for ImageJ can perform IVIM analysis, according to the theory of Dr. Denis Lebihan.
  2. This plugin also can generate ADC maps from DWI images


Milena Cruz


For IVIM calculation only 3 slices are needed the plugin will generate IVIM image, Difussion D and Perfusion f. For ADC more than two slices are needed.


The plugin is based in the IVIM method. Can generate IVIM, Difussion, and Perfusion maps from tree slices with different b values. The first b value should be 0, the second should be lower than the third one. The result should be analyzed carefully. The max value for calculated ADC can be modified. For ADC analysis, just is necesary open the stack with a DWI sequence, with different b values. THE USE of this software is under the final user responsability. Until 2009-12-29 was tested with some basic data. The plugin needs to be tested more DWI data.


Download the zip file and paste in the plugins directory. Then restart ImageJ


I am doing the relevant documentation. Until January or February of 2010 the zip file will be available.

If someone need it before, please send me an email or




The development began in 2009-1-10 and the first version was finished in 2009-10-30.


I am very grateful to users who wish to provide medical images that can be used for development of this project.

Known Bugs

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