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Channel Merger


Channel Merger plugin allows merging multiple channels in one RGB stack. The number of the channels that can be merged is not restricted by the plugin. It provides manipulation of the color and visibility of the channel. The resulting image is of the ImagePlus class that makes the image compatible with ImageJ functionality (i.e. saving as tif stack, adjusting brightness/contrast, viewing in 3DViewer, etc).


Albina Asadulina, PhD, Gaspar Jekely group, Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, Tuebingen


Download channel_merger.jar and move into the Plugins folder. Restart ImageJ.

How to use

Run the plugin. Select a folder containing files that you would like to merge into one image. The check button next to the label of the channel controls visibility of the channel. To change the channel color, press button “Change color”.

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