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3D Fast Filters with JNI

A collection of filters for 3D images using Java Native Interface.

3D filters

Performs various 3D filtering

JNI allows java to call codes written in others languages like C for instance.

This plugin perform various 3D filters on 8-bits or 16-bits gray-levels stacks :

  • 3D median
  • 3D mean
  • 3D minimum
  • 3D maximum
  • 3D maximum local
  • 3D tophat (detect bright spots, TH=I-max(min(I)) )

These C libraries are used by the 3D filters and replace slow version of the above filters, this is particularly useful for TopHat filtering involving large radii.

For linux copy either for 32 bits or for 64 bits into your plugins directory.

For Windows copy either libfilter3d32.dll for 32 bits or libfilter3d64.dll for 64 bits into your plugins directory.

For Macintosh copy either for 32 bits (rename to libfilter3d32.jnilib) or for 64 bits (rename to libfilter3d64.jnilib) into your plugins directory. (macintosh libraries thanks to Eddie Ma).

filters3d_.h and filters3d_.c are the corresponding C files.

Note that the information will be displayed only in console windows (use java instead of javaw in ImageJ.cfg).

All neighbourhood pixels are computed inside a ellipsoid corresponding to the radii given as parameters.

Contact me for any questions or suggestions :

FilenameFilesizeLast modified
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filters3d_.h2.6 KiB2019/04/12 13:17
libfilter3d32-mac.so29.2 KiB2019/04/12 13:17
libfilter3d32.dll34.5 KiB2019/04/12 13:17
libfilter3d32.so23.3 KiB2019/04/12 13:17
libfilter3d64-mac.so29.3 KiB2019/04/12 13:17
libfilter3d64.dll59.5 KiB2019/04/12 13:17
libfilter3d64.so28.5 KiB2019/04/12 13:17
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