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Highpass filter

A plugin-filter providing a highpass command. It subtracts the Gaussian blurred input image from the input image.

Dialog Options

Screenshot of the High-pass filter

  • Radius (Sigma) is the standard deviation (blur length) of the Gaussian that will be subtracted.
  • Scaled Units (spatially calibrated images only) should be selected if “Radius (Sigma)” is not in pixels but in physical units (e.g., micrometers).
  • Shift Values to Display Range adds an offset so that the output will fit into the currently displayed data range. This option should be selected when processing only a selection of a 32-bit (float) image that does not have its pixel values around zero. This option is also useful for most 16-bit images.
  • Preview is available with the Preview checkbox.

If “Shift Values to Display Range” is unchecked, the offset, i.e. the output created by flat portions of the image, will be 0 for 32-bit float, 32768 for 16-bit and 128 for 8-bit (grayscale or RGB) images.

Pixel Value Calibration (8-bit & 16-bit images only)

If the full image is processed, for grayscale 8-bit and 16-bit images, the grayscale (pixel value) calibration will be set to have zero value at this level. Thus, one can use, e.g., Process>Math>Square after high-pass filtering to highlight all pixels deviating from their surrounding.

Note that Undo will revert only the image contents, not the calibration.


  • Download the sourcecode (file, put it into the ImageJ/plugins directory or an immediate subdirectory thereof. Make sure you name the downloaded file ””; uppercase/lowercase matters.
  • Compile it via Plugins>Compile and Run…
  • Alternatively, directly save the .class file High_pass.class into the ImageJ/plugins directory or an immediate subdirectory thereof. Again, make sure that you name the file correctly, uppercase/lowercase matters.

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