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Okolab Data Import

Okolab Data Import is a free ImageJ plugin used to import data acquired from Okolab incubators and print them on a Image Sequence.


Okolab Data Import is developed by Okolab, an Italian company that offers incubators for time lapse experiments. The plugin allows to print a label on every image of an Image Sequence. Labels concern information acquired by Okolab incubators and imported from the Okolab Smart Box:

  • Time
  • Value of a variable of interest (eg. current sample temperature) at the above Time


Copy the Okolab_Data_Import.class file to the ImageJ/Plugins folder or a folder below. Go to Help→Refresh Menus or (better) restart ImageJ.


Open an image sequence (File→Import→Image sequence) and then open the plugin (default: Plugins→Okolab_Data_Import). Then select a csv data file exported from the Okolab Smart Box ) in the options dialog that appears. If you specify input from datetime file you must also select a datetime file.

Datetime file

The datetime file (when used) must have a number of lines that matches the number of images in the sequence. Every line must have a date-time value in ISO-format (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss). The first value concerns the first image of the sequence, the second value concerns the second image an so on…


The latest version of Okolab Data Import can be downloaded from

Contact Information

For inquiries regarding feature requests, bug reports, general questions, or anything else related Okolab Data Import, please direct emails to:

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