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3D processing and analysis

Performs 3D filtering and analysis in 3D

This package comprises various plugins to perform 3D operations on gray-levels stacks :

  • 3D filters (mean, median, minimum, maximum, local maxima, tophat, variance, sobel, experimental adaptive)
  • 3D Roi manager (use with 3D object counter)
  • 3D main axes
  • 3D cross-correlation between two images
  • 3D sphere creation
  • 3D bandpass and 3D FHT (FFT equivalent)
  • 3D crop
  • 3D radial analysis

Copy the files ij3d-bin.jar and ima3d_.jar into your plugins directory. The file ij3d-api.jar contains the API for developers.

3D filters are also available as JNI (fast version in C) : 3D JNI filters .

A introduction tutorial to 3D Processing and Analysis is available in the tutorial section.

Reference : if you use this plugin in your research, please cite :
E. Iannuccelli, F. Mompart, J. Gellin, Y. Lahbib, M. Yerle et T. Boudier. NEMO: a tool for analyzing gene and chromosome territory distributions from 3D-FISH experiments. Bioinformatics Jan. 14, 2010.

Contact me for any questions or suggestions

3D Manager in action

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