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Display 4D datasets (or hypervolumes) in a modified window.


Patrick Pirrotte: project maintainer (//patrick@image-archive.or//g) Jerome Mutterer: testing, documentation, debugging (//

Jeff Brandenburg, Duke Center for In-Vivo Microscopy (jeffb at


This plugin displays 4D datasets (or hypervolumes) in a modified image window using one slider for the 3rd dimension and another one for the 4th dimension. If it's called when the active windows is a stack (supposed to represent a hypervolume), it will ask the user the 3rd dimension's depth, and labels for the 3rd and 4th dimension, and then create the new hypervolume window. Labels are only used to display the 3rd and 4th D in the image's textual info bar, next to the absolute slice number of the stack. Also it can be called by some other routine, by just passing over these parameters.


This little plugin is quite successful. Many other stack visualisation plugins share their roots in this plugin.

  • it does what it should do
  • can be called by macros
  • dialog to parametrize the 4D stack

The HyperVolume_Browser is very useful if installed along the LSMToolbox as it extends the ability of the toolbox to browse lsm hypervolumes (the dimension being time, depth, or wavelength) in 4D confocal stacks.


The HyperVolume_Browser is packaged as jar file.

  • Download it from here (at the ImageJ website)
  • Copy the file to your ImageJ plugins folder or subfolder and compile and run using Plugins/Compile and Run
  • Restart ImageJ. The plugin can be accessed through the ImageJ plugins menu


The LSM_Toolbox is subject to the GPL v2 which you can read here. The Source is included in the installation jar.

Known bugs

none so far…


v1.1 2005/08/11

  • Added “Make new copy for browsing” option; works with Virtual Stack Opener plugin; uses Image>Properties settings; fixed macro argument processing

v1.0 2003/03/28

  • initial release


Contact Patrick if you find any bugs or if you'd like to see a feature appear in a new release.

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