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Plot stack points


This plugin plot gray values of selected roi points from an image stack.

(This plugin was useful for Polynomial Texture Mapping experimentations see PTM plugin)


1) A gray scale image stack is already opened and it has single or multi-points roi selection.

Script calling from menu

2) The plugin produce a windows with curve data (first point is red and last is blue) and another one with numeric data.


Plugin download

Plugin installation

Copy the .jar file to your plugins directory and restart “ImageJ”.

You can use the script by menu “ImageJ / Analyze / Tools / Plot stacks points”

Source files


Vincent Vansuyt.

Contact me for any questions or suggestions : vincent dot vansuyt at edf dot fr (preferred language : french)


GPL distribution (see licence ). Sources for plugins are available freely. Sources for core are available on request.


First version

Know bugs


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