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This package allows the quality assurance on a set of Magnetic Resonance images


 Alberto Duina
 Spedali Civili di Brescia
 Servizio di Fisica Sanitaria
 Brescia,  Italy


The package accept Signed and Unsigned images (pixel representation 0028,0103 = 0 and 1).

Parameters evaluated:

  • Uniformity, Ghosting, SNR (manufacturer uniform test objects)
  • Geometric Distorsion (test object #2 Eurospin)
  • Slice Width, Slice Position (test object #2 Eurospin)
  • Slice Warp (test object #3 Eurospin)
  • MTF (test object #4 Eurospin)
  • T1 & T2 accuracy (test object #5 Eurospin)


ContMensili is a package of ImageJ plugin classes for the analysis of MRI test images. The source and the test files are provided as a separate zip file. A complete set of test images is provided in the test2.jar file. The user manual and the documentation are in italian. The program is developed on a Win 7 machine with java 1.6.0, with Eclipse.


Copy the ContMensili.jar file in your ImageJ plugins folder and restart Imagej. For saving the results as .xls file, you need the Excel Writer plugin into your Plugins folder. If you wish to use the “prova” (test) button of the plugins you must copy the optional test2.jar file containing some test images.

Download last version

Object Link Date
ContMensili contmens_b432.jar 05 mar 2011
iw2ayv iw2ayv.jar 05 mar 2011
Test2 test2.jar 05 mar 2011
src,test,data 05 mar 2011

Old Versions

Manual OLD contmensilimanual_rev3.pdf 10 dec 2008
ContMensili OLD contmens_20081210_build1716.jar 10 dec 2008
Test2 test2.jar 05 mar 2011


The ContMensili package is released under the GPL v3.0 licence.


  • ContMens_20081210_build1716.jar 10 dec 2008

Known Bugs

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