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IJ_Ed advanced editor for ImageJ


Jerome Mutterer (email)
CNRS - Institut de Biologie Moléculaire des Plantes
Strasbourg, France.


This plugin allows to use jEdit as external editor for writing ImageJ macros and plugins.

Watch basic usage of this plugin in this video.

Download and Installation

Download and install latest version of jEdit from jEdit website. Start jEdit in server mode.

Download the latest jar file (see change log below) and put it in the plugins folder. Restart or Help > Refresh Menus

Start it from Plugins > Editor > IJ Ed2 jEdit link

Optional : Choose Plugins > Editor > install macro syntax file, in order to install the macro language syntax highlighting file (this requires to have a functional connection with the internet during the installation phase). Then call jEdit > Utilities> Troubleshooting > Reload Edit Modes.


2015-01-15 update for new jEdit version download

2012-03-10 release of IJ_Ed 2.0 : now works out of the box with the stock version of jEdit. No need to modify classpath.

2012-03-10 obsolete version of the plugin archived in this pdf file

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