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IJProxy sets the http proxy settings of the Java Virtual Machine for ImageJ


  • Patrick Pirrotte: project maintainer (patrick@image-archive.or//g)


Since ImageJ v1.40, the proxy settings can be provided through the ImageJ interface. Tthus this plugin is obsolete and is only left here for teaching/historical reasons.

IJProxy modifies the proxy settings of the Java Virtual Machine. Settings are saved in key/value paris in the ImageJ preferences file (IJ_Prefs.txt). This allows machines which are behind a proxy and cannot directly access the outside world from within ImageJ to do so nevertheless (a typical example is opening the example images).

ImageJ allows to run macros/plugins at startup via StartUpMacros.txt. If you want to set the proxy automatically at startup add

macro “AutoRun” {run(“Set proxy”);}

to StartupMacros.txt, or edit the autorun macro accordingly.


These features have been implemented in IJProxy version 1.0:

  • configurable settings through a GUI


The IJProxy_ is packaged as jar file.

  • Download it from here (project hosted at
  • Copy the jar file to your ImageJ plugins folder
  • Restart ImageJ. The plugin can be accessed through the ImageJ plugins menu
  • To set the proxy on autostart do add

macro “AutoRun” {run(“Set proxy”);}

to StartupMacros.txt, or edit the autorun macro accordingly.


(C) 2003-2006 Patrick Pirrotte

IJProxy is subjected to the GPL v2 which you can read here. The source is in the jar file.

Known bugs

none so far…


1.0 initial release


Contact Patrick if you find any bugs or if you'd like to see a feature appear in a new release.

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