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An ImageJ updater for stable and testing releases


Patrick Pirrotte: project maintainer (//patrick@image-archive.or//g)


THE PLUGIN IS IN BETA STADIUM. It has been tested on Windows XP, MacOS and Linux.

IJUpdate_ is an updater for ImageJ. It supports both stable (1.36b at the time of writing) and testing (1.37q at the time of writing). It connects to an ImageJ update server which contains a list of all the ImageJ releases (currently this update server is set to but another url can be specified). The update server runs a script which sends back a list of available versions and an url to the update files (all on the NIH ImageJ site).


These features have been implemented in the IJUpdate_ version 1.0:

  • switching between testing and stable version
  • expert mode: ability to downgrade /upgrade freely between different stable versions. (useful for developers who want to test their plugins under different ImageJ versions.)
  • proxy settings recognized (no auth yet, only host/port combination)
  • rollback feature if upgrade/downgrade fails.

Planned features

  • Macros and plugins are not updated yet. I'm planning to implement this in a second phase. Please contact me if you have some ideas or want to help with the development of IJUpdate_.
  • Another interesting feature would be to keep old versions on the disk, to avoid downloading again and again the same version between series of upgrades/downgrades.
  • autocheck for new version at ImageJ startup. Code is partially implemented but non functional.


IJUpdate is packaged as jar file.

  • Download it from here
  • Copy the jar file to your ImageJ plugins folder
  • Restart ImageJ. The plugin can be accessed through the ImageJ plugins menu


The IJUpdate is subject to the GPL v2 which you can read here. The source is found here.

Known bugs

none so far…


1.0 initial version


Contact Patrick if you find any bugs or if you'd like to see a feature appear in a new release.

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