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Line Lab selective median filtering


This plugin remove anormal noisy pixels. It works in Lab color space (32 bits [float] per pixel channel ). On the attached sample picture, when luminance (channel L) fall, it produce noise on chrominance channels (a and b). This plugin detect luminance falls and, at this moment, remove noise on channels a and b by median filtering.

(This below noisy pixels are observed on a small outdoor camera)


  1. To use this filter, you must first (step 1) convert your RGB image to Lab space color with this plugin : Converting RGB to Lab
  2. Then, use this filter (step 2)
  3. Finally, convert back the Lab space color image to RGB (step 3) with this plugin : Converting Lab to RGB


Original Filtered

Plugin download


It use no additionnal libraries.

Plugin installation

Copy the .jar file to your plugins directory and restart “ImageJ”.

You can use the script by menu “ImageJ / Plugins / Image/ Color / Line Lab selective median filtering (v1.00)”.

Source files


Vincent Vansuyt.

Contact me for any questions or suggestions : vincent dot vansuyt at edf dot fr (preferred language : french)


GPL distribution (see licence ).


First version

Know bugs


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